Life as a Webbie

An open, creative atmosphere with something for everyone. We’re great at writing code, not because of how hard we work (though that helps) but because we love what we do. 

Meet the Team

A few of the friendly faces you might see at our Windsor Works office.

Craig Dean
Chief Executive
Craig Kennedy
Managing Director
Shaun Austin
Technical Director
Jeff Ng
Ian Munro
Vivienne Dean
Office Manager
Naomi McKenna
Marketing & Events Manager
Chris Sweeney
Senior Engineer
Stephen Lees
Senior Project Manager
Rebecca Lawton
Executive Assistant
Andrew Billings
Senior Engineer
Steph Lomax
Project Administrator
Josh Green
Senior Engineer
Lauren Weston
Software Engineer
Nick Stafford
Development Group Leader
Luke O'Keeffe

 “Web Apps has made me question a lot of what I've learned and provided me with the opportunity to approach challenges in new and creative ways."

Ryan Hargreaves, Software Engineer

"I really enjoy working here. I’m constantly gaining knowledge and growing, and there’s a strong belief in learning and development, which I also share."

Dominique Ward-Marsh, Junior BA

"As part of a collective that all have a similar ethos and approach, we can be afforded a high level of autonomy, and that autonomy is what makes it a great place to work."

Jack Simpson, Head of Marketing and Communications

"The prompt pace here means I’ve constantly been learning and growing not only as a coder but as a person. I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself and I’ve made a lot of happy memories."

Lauren Weston, Industrial Placement

"There are always events going on outside of work, so it’s easy to get to know other Webbies."

Chris Sweeney, Senior Engineer

Web Applications UK

You probably know who we are by now. When we’re not developing bespoke travel systems, Webbies can be found right across the Manchester tech scene, building, innovating, learning, and growing; but most of all, defying convention.

Latest Vacancies

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Graduate Software Engineer

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