Oldham Youth Hack

Up to the Challenge?

We’re super excited to announce that we are sponsoring the Youth Hack this year and we couldn’t be happier that it is in our hometown, Oldham! We regularly get involved with local hackathons and we’re passionate about encouraging others to fulfill their passion whilst meeting new friends and developing their skills along the way. We’re are a challenge sponsor and we’re looking forward to seeing what you create. 

We wouldn’t miss the opportunity to be involved with Oldham Youth Hack. We’re passionate about learning, development and supporting others to grow. We’re excited about witnessing what you, the young people of Oldham, have to offer and what you can confidently showcase. Oldham Youth Hack gives you the platform to openly explore your ideas and present an innovation to industry specialists. How many opportunities are there to do that these days? 

Make Education Great Again

‘Make Education Great Again’. That’s our challenge for this year. Pretty self-explanatory, we want you to think of and develop, innovative and exciting ways to bring a buzz back to education. Who better to make education great again than you, the people who are currently in education! How can you make education more exciting? How can you make education more relevant and current? How can you make education more accessible to all? The options are endless.  

And what do you get for it, beyond pride and self-confidence? A prize! Up for grabs this year is a Raspberry Pi 4!  We look forward to seeing you there!