Hack Manchester Junior 2017: Best in Show

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Headline Sponsor

This year we are super excited to once again be headline sponsoring the Hack Manchester and Hack Manchester Junior events, in association with HAC100.

As headline, we get the pleasure of judging Best in Show for both events. See below for details of our judge, Chief Exec. Craig Dean.

The Judge: Craig Dean

Craig is also the Chairman of Hack Oldham and as you can probably guess, hackathons are one of his favourite things to do, making this Hack Manchester experience an eagerly anticipated one. Over the past seven years, he has been fortunate enough to judge at several hack events and contribute to other people’s learning, growth and development – the things that Craig is most passionate about.

Keep scrolling for info on how to impress Craig and claim Best in Show.

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What makes a hack 'Best in Show'?

Over slightly less than two full days, you’d be amazed what you can put together when you’ve got a great team. Here are the main things we look for to find a show-stopping hack. 


Seeing a group of people that thrive in that environment because they’re doing something they love will undoubtedly make you stand out for all the right reasons.


One thing that really excites us is a strong idea with a fresh approach. Turn the brief on its head. 


A hack doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect to be best in show. We want to see that a team has learnt something new, too.