Gordon's Youtube debut!


Gordon’s Youtube debut!

Earlier this year we told you about Gordon and Craig taking part in Tameside’s Think Big School events, spread out over two days for secondary schools in Greater Manchester. The event introduced students to the marketability of smartphone applications, and encouraged them to Think Big when it came to dreaming up an idea for an…

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Webbies hit Alton Towers

Saturday the 26th of April was the date this year we decided to embark on our traditional company Alton Towers trip. It was an early start, and when the coach arrived a few of us were having a coffee or eating cereal in the office kitchen. Naomi and Kat had the bright idea to visit…

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Ice to see you Craig!

We like to think of ourselves as trend-setters here at Windsor Works, and doing crazy things for charity is no exception. In the past we’ve had Office Olympic Games, Guess-What’s-in-the-Box, numerous Movembers, a Pyjama Party, a Penalty Shoot-out, and even Fodders in a onesie, for some reason. It will therefore come as no surprise to…

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