Webbie Awards Shortlist 2019

With just five weeks away until this year’s Webbie Christmas Party. The time has come to announce this year’s shortlist for the Webbie Awards.

So, without further ado, here are your nominees:

The Alice in Wonderland Award – For always being up for a challenge

Ashley Rushworth

Luke O’Keeffe

Ned Grady

Stephanie Lomax


The Tweedledum and Tweedledee Award – For the best duo

Aubrey & @Channel

Joshua & Andrew

Luke & Ged

Matt & Dave


The ‘Drink Me’ Potion Award – For having the most thirst for knowledge

Amir Khan

Dale Whitaker

Leanne Smalley

Martin Cooper


The Deck of Cards Award – For dealing out constructive feedback

Jack Maiden

Joshua Green

Stephen Lees

Rebecca Lawton


The Tea Party Award – For being the most social Webbie

Jack Maders

Jonathan Howe

Lauren Weston

Nick Stafford


The ‘Eat Me’ Cake Award – For the Webbie who’s eager to grow

Ben Diamond

David Humphreys

Gaz Light

Luke Price


The Mad Hatter Award – Developer of the Year

Andrew Billings

David Dakin

Jack Maders

Ryszard Rowinski


Pride of Web Apps – Employee of the Year

Damir Zabirov

Matthew Rowan

Naomi McKenna

Nick Stafford


A huge congratulations to those that have been shortlisted for this year’s awards, fingers crossed and good luck!