The 2017 Webbie Awards

Each year, we have the opportunity to nominate and vote for our colleagues in the prestigious and highly contested Webbie Awards. With the winners announced at the Christmas party, the awards are a great chance to recognise everybody’s hard work and reward those that have done an especially good job.

This year’s awards ceremony also allowed us to reflect on an absent friend. In future, the Andy Foster award will be presented to the Webbie who most embodies Andy’s values; his kindness, warmth, and generosity. It was only right that we took a moment to raise a glass to Andy. This award will always remind us of him, and how the values he epitomised show what it truly means to be a Webbie.

This year’s winners are as follows:

The Dobby Award: For always being there in a time of need 

Presented by Luke O’Keeffe

Nominees: Steph Lomax, Ryszard Rowinski, Lee Pedley, Chris Sweeney

Winner: Steph Lomax



The Seeker Award: For always looking for new learning opportunities

Presented by Jack Maders

Nominees: Kyle Burns, Adam Chappell, Nick Stafford, Dale Whitaker 

Winner: Dale Whitaker



The Levioooosa not Leviosaaaar Award: For lifting everybody’s spirits

Presented by Nick Stafford

Nominees: Bea and Bo, Rebecca Lawton, Salim Uddin, Dominique Ward-Marsh

Winner: Rebecca Lawton



The Sorting Hat Award: For the most organised Webbie

Presented by Ste Lees

Nominees: Kris Cartwright, Viv Dean, Gareth Light, Jack Maders

Winner: Viv Dean



The Triwizard Cup Award: For the most competitive Webbie

Presented by Jack Simpson

Nominees: Jonathan Howe, Luke O’Keeffe, Joel Richards, Matt Rowan

Winner: Matt Rowan



The McGonagall Award: For being a great mentor

Presented by Brodie Gilmour

Nominees: David Dakin, Josh Green, Ste Lees, Nick Stafford

Winner: Ste Lees



The ABCD Award: For going above and beyond the call of duty

Presented by Viv Dean

Winner: Nick Stafford



The Wizard Award: Developer of the Year

Presented by Jeff Ng

Nominees: Andrew Billings, Brodie Gilmour, Josh Green, Ryszard Rowinski

Winner: Ryszard Rowinski



The Pride of Web Apps Award: Employee of the Year

Presented by Craig Kennedy

Nominees: Brodie Gilmour, Rebecca Lawton, Steph Lomax, Chris Sweeney

Winner: Chris Sweeney



The Directors’ Choice Award: For making a special contribution

Presented by the Directors

Winner: Jack Simpson



As always, the year had its highs and its lows, but it’s the people that make a company, and that’s why it’s so great to recognise those who make that extra special contribution.

Congratulations to our nominees and winners – you make us all proud to be Webbies!

Photos by Darren Robinson.