GreatUniHack and Hackathon Season in Review

Rebecca Lawton

Executive Assistant

Before we waste time getting to know each other, do you like cheese?

Hackathon season is almost over – and we’re pretty gutted about it. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing passionate programmers learn, develop and solve problems that are being experienced in this ever-changing digital age.

This month, we were proudly a gold sponsor for GreatUniHack, which meant that we got to set our own challenge: build something that will help young people engage with programming. Congratulations to Code Works who won the challenge and grabbed themselves some Sega Megadrives!

While students were entering challenges, they also had the opportunity to attend seminars held by sponsors. We attended (and thoroughly enjoyed) a presentation hosted by American Express about quantum computing, and held our own workshop which was suggested by the attendees themselves on Slack; preparing for a quantum future with programming paradigms.

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With only one more hackathon left for the rest of the year (MLH Hack Day), it’s time to reflect on the events that we have proudly sponsored over the past couple of years. I wouldn’t say hackathons are our favourite thing – well, yeah, I guess they kind of are!

We’re officially an event partner of Hack Manchester for the academic year 2017/2018. This means that we’re sponsoring not only Hack Manchester and Hack Manchester Junior, but also all of the youth hacks that are being organised by the amazing team, which includes the wonderful Gemma and Claire who put in so much hard work to make hackathons a great experience for everyone. For a reminder of this year’s fantastic event, take a look at our top 10 Hack Manchester 2017 moments!

As sponsors of Hack Manchester, Student Hack and GreatUniHack, which are all major hackathons in Manchester, we often get asked what it is about these events that are so engaging, and why we’re always happy to get involved. If you know anything about our company or have spoken to any of our employees, you know about our ethos with its mission statement that is widely circulated around the company and can be recalled by anyone when asked. Our mission is to positively impact our employees, customers and community through a culture of learning, growth and innovation. Our Managing Director recently wrote a blog post about the impact that having an ethos has on an organisation.

Hackathons are a great place to develop skills, learn something completely new, and network with others who also share the same passion. We’ve met people who have learnt a new programming language in the space of 24 hours and applied it to a hack, have built something completely new and seen ideas that will help solve everyday problems.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re also looking to help others learn, grow and develop. Whether that’s helping university students apply code to a hack, or helping young excited coders learn a new language. Sometimes the hackathons aimed at young people are the ones where we see the best ideas, and keeping them excited about programming and building new things is integral to our digital age.

Our Chief Executive Craig has proudly been a head judge at all of the major hackathons that we’ve sponsored. Why? Because he loves what he does.