A Day at the Palace

If you’re a reader of our blog, or you keep up-to-date with our social media, you’ve probably seen that earlier this year we were proudly awarded the Princess Royal Training Award for our industrial placement programme. Our IP programme sees on average 10-12 industrial placement students, annually spend a year working as full-time employees as part of their University course. In this year, they receive training and development through personal development time (PDT), training sessions, running code clubs, attending conferences and more.

The assessors, who spent the day at our offices meeting with employees and beneficiaries of our placement scheme said:

This successful SME has used a ‘grow its own’ approach to meet the demands of the business and create an empowered workforce. Recruiting 10-12 industrial placement students annually, the company provides a robust and relevant learning programme.

Winning the prestigious award meant we were invited to St. James’s Palace for the ceremony, where the Princess Royal presented the award – and of course, we just had to attend!

Our Chief Executive Craig Dean picked up the award, whilst myself and Software Engineer (and beneficiary of the IP Programme) Andrew Billings accompanied. The day was filled with excitement as we walked to the Palace – which was also a great opportunity to see places in London that I hadn’t actually visited before!

The event began with a drinks reception as we eagerly waited to be invited into the hall for the opening ceremony. The Palace – which was of course, stunning – hosted a large number of guests who were invited not only to attend the awards ceremony, but to see the inside of the Palace and its amazing decor. 40 recipients picked up an award, out of the 116 organisations that applied.


Attendees applauded as a representative of each organisation met with the Princess Royal to pick up their award, and a brief description of their company and why they had met the standard was announced. It was great to see so many companies providing training and development to their employees, with such a diverse range of training methods.

After the awards ceremony, afternoon tea was laid out for the attendees, whilst the Princess Royal made her way around the tables of recipients conversing with each. It was a great opportunity to discuss our own training initiative, and speak with other companies about what approaches they take to secure an exceptional training programme in the workplace.


A big thank you to City & Guilds Group for recognising our training programme and presenting us with this prestigious award. We’re going to continue developing our training programme to help others learn and improve.