We're a Gold Sponsor for GreatUniHack!

This year, we’re proud to be a gold sponsor for GreatUniHack – a 24-hour student-oriented hackathon which is organised by the University of Manchester Tech Society, HackSoc.

The hackathon will be taking place over the course of two days, on 11th-12th November. Having not sponsored the event previously, we’re extremely excited to get involved and see some amazing ideas come to life. It’s a great place for passionate students to develop their expertise, network with others, and put their current skills to the test to show us what they’re really capable of!

The challenge

We’re always looking to have a positive impact on our community; especially young people who are looking at gaining some experience with coding. The digital age is ever-changing, so the more exposure young people have to coding, the better! Our challenge for this year’s Great Uni Hack is to:

Build something that will help young people engage with programming.

We’re not going to be prescriptive about the medium or technologies you use. All we want to see is something that will help young people gain an interest in programming and start developing some skills.

What are we looking for?

Over slightly less than two full days, you’d be amazed what you can put together when you’ve got a great team. Here are the main things we look for in a show-stopping hack:


We want to see a team who love what they do. If you’ve worked collaboratively and built a hack with love, it’s great to see.


One thing that really excites us is a strong idea with a fresh approach. Turn the brief on its head.


A hack doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect to win the challenge. We want to see that a team has learnt something new, too.

The Judge


Craig Dean is Chief Executive of Web Applications UK and Chairman of Hack Oldham

One of his favourite things to do is go to hackathons, and Craig has been privileged to judge at a number of hack events over the past six years.

There’s nothing Craig is more passionate about than learning, growth and development. He sees mentoring young developers and students as the most important part of his job, and has the privilege of being able to deliver guest lectures at universities such as Manchester, MMU and Salford.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to come out on top in our challenge, you need to do one thing; make it new!

The Prize!

The bit you’ve all been waiting for.

The winners of our challenge this year will win:

1 x Sega Megadrive each (we’re throwing it back to the good old retro days!)

Mega Drive 1200x800