Quizzery Business

It had been some time since an official Webbie social, which was clearly unacceptable. So far this year, we’ve shot at each other and engaged in high speed chases around a small but fiendishly winding racetrack. We judged it therefore pertinent to do something a little more relaxing this time around. One of the best – in fact, one of the only – outlets for a mind as full of useless trivia as mine is pub quizzes, so when a sequel to the Big Fat Webbie Quiz was suggested last month, I jumped straight on the bandwagon.

This provided me with the enviable task of writing a quiz which would challenge the diverse and highly intelligent minds of my fellow Webbies, not a task to be taken lightly – I’ve had complaints in the past for writing ones that were too hard and too easy! After much head scratching, I put something together than I felt toed the line fairly well.

We found a venue – Revolution Oxford Road, Manchester – and a theme, based on cheesy 90s game shows. Naturally, I spent a lot of time researching hilarious sound effects and ironically poor graphic design to really capture the essence of what we were going for. We called it: ‘Have We Got a Quiz for You’.

The stage being somewhat set, teams were arranged and a varied list of team names were put forward, from an extremely verbose tolkien reference: Paul’s Quiz to Rysz them all, Ian’s Quiz to Salim them, one Quiz for Dave to fall, and in the darkness, Lauren! to back-to-basics pun efforts such as Tequila Mockingbird and Les Quizerables. 

After some debate, such as whether or not it was acceptable to Photoshop Brodie’s face onto Eminem (the answer, naturally, was yes), we had a quiz ready to go, complete with prizes and mini-games for the night.

The evening came, and Revolution began to fill with excited Webbies unsure what was in store for them. They didn’t have long to wait, as host Craig Dean arrived – fashionably late – and got the show started. First up was a game of heads and tails, a fairly simple game involving trying to guess on which side a coin will land.

Sadly, Rebecca did not prove equal to the task of accurately flipping a 2 pence piece, which we promptly lost. Actually, thinking about it, we never retrieved that coin. Must go back and have a look. Anyway, congrats to Intern Simona, who eventually won the mini-game and bagged herself a £20 Argos gift card.


The first half of the quiz saw the teams face some familiar rounds to warm them up: General Knowledge, Webbie Trivia, Music Round – the only surprise being Uncanny Valley, in which employees had to work out which of their colleagues had been eerily fused with the face of a famous musician, through the power of Photoshop.

A noteworthy buffet was served, made up of excellent foods such as miniature burgers, caesar salad parcels and sweet potato fries. Very soon, I learned that the trick when consuming miniature versions of food is to eat more: a very tasty dinner all round, top marks to the team at Revolution!

We got the show back on the road with some more adventurous rounds including Pictionary – the one round for which I had misjudged the difficulty, and made far too easy – and Trump Or No Trump – which involved trying to guess which of the US President’s more eccentric tweets were real amongst fake ones I had made up. Our big finale featured a Web Apps cult favourite, Catchphrase, in which Webbies had to spot some of our common idiosyncrasies represented by diagrams put together by Joel.


Support Mobile – cue groans

Our wooden spooners for the evening were announced – congratulations (sort of) to Paul’s Quiz to Rysz them all, Ian’s Quiz to Salim them, one Quiz for Dave to fall, and in the darkness, Lauren!, followed by our Have We Got a Quiz for You Grand Champions, Les Quizerables!


Thus ended the quiz, and we could commence with shenanigans, involving our bartender assembling a Jager train and a game which involved saving a duck from death by drowning, which as far as I could tell had been made up on the spot. Despite my initial apprehension at organising a quiz night, a fantastic night was had by all.

Huge shout out to all our colleagues who came down and took part – we couldn’t do this stuff without you – and also, the rest of the Marketing team, who worked hard to ensure the night was a success.

Here’s to the next one!