Webbie Training Weeks

Here I am, at the end of my first 2 weeks as a summer intern at Web Apps. We’ve had a 10-day whirlwind introduction to the company, its people, their ethos, and like a million and one systems (okay not that many, but quite a few!)

It’s been a really enjoyable experience. Having started with a mix of summer interns (here for 8 weeks) and IPs (Industrial Placements here for 1 year), we cover a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Getting to know each other has been fun, and it has also been great getting to know the other Webbies who have come to join us at lunch to welcome us and get to know us too.

In the first week, we had introductions to the company and its ethos and values, which I found very interesting as it gave us a good understanding of how and why the company works the way it does. Then, we had an overview of our customers and what kind of work we do for them, followed by an introduction to our systems. Not only were we introduced to the systems our customers use, but we also looked into the systems we use to build and support them. It was really interesting as we got to see inside the engine, so to speak.

After looking at the systems and having a few tutorials, we were given a mini project to work on so we could try some real developing using the systems. This really was good fun as it’s the best way to learn, and I did learn a few things not to do too – but better to do that on a practice after all!

During the second week, we experienced more practical work to get us used to actual coding. We had tutorials on C#, JavaScript and SQL, and I really enjoyed seeing how to add code to the existing system, and how the code then interacted with that system. Having never used C# previously, it was nice to see that it isn’t so different to Java, and I was able to follow it fairly well.

Another training session involved the overall development cycle, as well as the roles and accountability that go with it. It’s important to know that all who work on a project are responsible for it, whereas only you are accountable for your work. I also learned that when estimating the time that will be spent on a project, it is really important to break it down into smaller jobs as this can allow you to estimate better and also to share the work out more efficiently.

Over the 2 weeks, we have had training from lots of different Webbies. This really helped us to understand things from their point of view, as well as how to engage with them if we weren’t sure about something. After all, many of them were just like us once, so they understand what it’s like. Without even having to ask, all of the Webbies have been extremely helpful in order to help us grow and succeed.

It really has been a great way to be welcomed into the team and I look forward to learning more and getting to know everyone.