Happy 10 Year Webbieversary, Chris!

Coming to us in 2007, Chris (also known as Sweens) is well known for mentoring young developers, and helping to build on their knowledge – it’s actually the best part of his job! Now, he’s joining the 10 year Webbie crew for his Webbieversary. What better way to celebrate, than with dressing up his desk, a card, and a surprise chocolate cake!

How did you come to work at Web Applications?

I didn’t actually apply. I was in my previous role for 5 years, and I worked with somebody who worked here at the time and they took me on. Within 1-2 years I was promoted to Senior Engineer!

It’s a great place to learn, and everyone who works here is friendly. There are always events going on outside of work, so it’s easy to get to know other Webbies. What you’ll find with working for an SME (small/medium enterprise), is that you actually feel like you’re making a difference, which you may not find with larger companies.

What’s the best part of your time working here?

Probably moving offices into our currentĀ building, and the people I work with. Mentoring young developers is the best part of my job, because not only can I share my knowledge with others, but I also learn from them as well. I also enjoy cycling to work and the 5-a-side football!

Is there anything you still want to accomplish?

I feel like as soon as you accomplish one thing, you want to accomplish another. There’s always something to learn, and I can always improveĀ my technical skills.

What experience did you have when you first joined?

I had about 6 years of experience as I had 2 jobs previously, and I pretty much started working as soon as I finished University. I was actually studying Geography & Geology for a year at the University of Liverpool, before I became interested in the internet, creating websites and programming. I soon changed my course to Computer Information Systems.

What would you say to people that are interested in taking up programming?

I’d say if you’re interested in computing, then find some training resources online and try it for yourself. The most important factor is that you have interest in it, and if you start progressing and want to further your knowledge, then start taking courses and gaining experience.

I’d also like to thank everyone that’s helped me along the way, especially the Webbies that have been here for longer than me and have shared their knowledge.


Happy Webbieversary, Chris, here’s to many more years to come!