Welcome Back Adam!

Two years ago, Adam Chappell came to Web Applications as an Industrial Placement student. Now, after finishing his final year of University (and graduating with a first class honours), he’s back working with us full-time!

How did you find your final year of University, Adam?

I found it quite challenging, and didn’t think I was going to get a first class honours, but hey – I came out with a degree and the best grade!

Are you glad to be back working at Web Applications full-time and how have you settled in?

I’m glad to be back and do some real life work rather than academia. I’m excited about solving real life problems, those pesky bugs, the social scene and I want to learn more and keep developing my skills.

It’s been easy to settle back in, even if a little stressful but it’s great to see everyone again and meet the new Webbies who have joined. It feels slightly different being a graduate and a permanent developer, whilst there being other placement students here.

What did you like most about the IP Programme?

The various opportunities you have to learn. I’ve learnt greatly already since first joining as a placement student, I didn’t know much about coding standards, SQL, C# and quality control; now I’d like to think I’m quite skilled in them and still learning and growing.

Did you expect to be offered full-time employment after your placement year?

It was a complete surprise, however I was hopeful I’d get offered a full-time job. I was actually asked to increase my placement year and work until the end of August, which I accepted. I kept pushing myself which seemed to pay off, as I then got offered the opportunity to become a full-time employee after my final year. I was keen on returning because of the ethos and the company culture.

Where do you see yourself going from here?

I just want to continue to learn and keep expanding my knowledge. Learning more in C# and mobile app development would be ideal, as well as developing the skills I already have and learning something completely new.

It’s great to have you back, Adam!