Webbie Cup Round-up: Part Two

Part two of our blog covering the ever-popular Webbie Cup Tournament. To read part one first, click here.

Round Two:

Slide into Your PMs faced up against Sporting, who they’d comfortably defeated in the earlier round. Sadly, this game would not pan out this way. It marked the beginning of a poor showing in the second round for ‘PMs, who did not score a single reply in the face of a 6 goal rout from a vengeful Sporting. Humphreys himself netted 3, with a double from Joel and a goal from David’s friend Montrose, who had kindly agreed to jump in and help out.

Sporting stayed on, facing off against Red Shirts, who they had already beaten in the earlier round. With that mental block in place, Reds struggled to make an impact in a game that was extremely close, until Joel tapped a goal past Kris. Seconds later, he chipped a cross in at the head of Luke, who ended up pinging it in the back of the net, seeming genuinely shocked he had managed it. In fairness, it’s quite a feat to score a headed goal in 5-a-side goals. I couldn’t be too cross at this great display of team cohesion from members of the Marketing dept. The Whites shut us out 2-0 in their second clean sheet of the round.

We stuck around to face ‘PMs. With the Whites on 9 points, and the two of us on 3 points each, this was very much a qualifier, with the winner due to head to the final. A draw would probably have favoured FC Red Shirts, so ‘PMs would have to summon a lot to put the memory of their last two defeats behind them.

It wasn’t to be in what I can only describe as a comprehensive beating at the hands of Red Shirts. Mahdlo’s Gareth Nixon smashed in 4 goals, one of which was actually chipped over the head of Jeff, adding insult to injury. A hat-trick from myself and a brace from Jack Maders was enough to break the spirits of ‘PMs, who could offer no reply. The game ended 9-0, and it was confident FC Red Shirts that would go on to face Sporting Humphreys in the grand final.

Final: Sporting Humphreys vs. FC Red Shirts

Sporting took to the pitch to face Red Shirts, fresh off the back of a 9-0 victory.

Although our leading goal-scorer, Gareth, elected to start on the bench, we walked into this game confident that we could banish memories of our previous two losses to Sporting and claim the Webbie Cup. This began a closely contested game, with Joel opening the scoring. Craig Kennedy soon added another and the pressure began to pile up. Sweeney pulled one back with a well-placed finish, and Red Shirts began to frustrate and look for an equaliser.

Fate seemed to be on Sporting’s side as every shot Red Shirts had at their goal seemed to either be terrible or terribly unlucky. The crossbar was rattled a number of times and even when goal-machine Gareth took to the pitch, nothing they did seemed to come off. Joel added his second shortly after, and though the Red Shirts bravely continued to harass, no goals came.

Sporting 3 – Red Shirts 1.

Webbie Cup 2017 Champions: Sporting Humphreys

Individual Accolades

Golden Ball – Player of the Tournament
Dave Humphreys

Sporting’s captain put in a great shift, assisting from left and right and playing so selflessly that he legitimately forgot he’d scored a hat-trick. He led the worthy winners to victory and a deserving winner of the Golden Ball.

Golden Boot – Top Goalscorer
Joel Richards

Joel picked up 7, drawing with Mahdlo’s Gareth Nixon, but played one less game and also went on to win the trophy, scoring 2 in the final. It’s ultimately about the impact you have, so I’ve chosen to award golden boot to Joel. Well played!

Thanks for Playing – Funniest Moment
Jeff Ng

To the assembled spectators’ great amusement, Jeff was unfortunately chipped from close range by a very cheeky effort from Gareth. Hopefully the award will help that wound to heal.

Tekkers Award – A Moment of Brilliance
Matt Rowan

Despite having to go home early injured, Matt scored 4 goals in his one-and-a-half appearances. It would have been a very different tournament for the men in black had he stuck around.

What a night! Kudos must go to Mahdlo for being extremely good hosts – we look forward to seeing them for a kick-about soon. Next time you’re looking for a place to book for your 5-a-side game, why not give Mahdlo a call?

Congrats to winners Sporting Humphreys, and a huge thanks to all teams who took part. I hope any Webbies that picked up a knock are healing nicely!