A Promotion to Senior Engineer for Josh!

Rebecca Lawton

PR Assistant

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He’s been with us just over 2 years, and now Josh Green has been promoted to Senior Engineer!

After winning two awards at our Christmas party, one for going ‘Above and Beyond the Call of Duty’ and one for ‘Developer of the Year’, Josh has now reached his goals and been promoted.

To start with, how did you get into Software Development?

I studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Loughborough University, and I did a module in first year in C and then we did a couple of low-level electronic programming modules, but it’s not anything to do with web development or SQL.

I’m all about good practice and making things consistent

I didn’t used to do programming in my spare time, my jobs throughout University weren’t meant to be software related, however they turned into that and I started doing some Database-related work, I then built on that interest in my own time.

What do you enjoy most about working here at Web Apps?

The training and development, and I also enjoy the social atmosphere. There’s always something fun happening in the office, and it’s never deathly quiet. Let’s also not forget about all the cake that’s handed around!

Were you surprised about the promotion?

It was a nice surprise. I do need to improve some other aspects, but I feel like I was definitely anointed – not appointed!

I’d been here about a year and a half, and Craig talked to me about what I need to be doing to progress towards being a Senior Engineer. He told me what I need to work on, which I did, and I guess it worked. I kept working on my goals and trying to improve and get more involved.

So you’ve met your current goals, do you have any for the future?

What’s next after Senior Engineer? I’ve got personal goals, I want to improve as a developer. ‘Senior Engineer’ doesn’t just mean you’re a good developer, it means you’ve got the capacity and you’re mentoring others. I want to keep progressing and I would like to deliver more training.

What training would you like to deliver?

I’m pretty passionate about Source Control. People mess it up or forget about it and it grinds my gears. I’m all about good practice and making things consistent, maybe some training around code practices.

What would you say to people who are looking for a career in Software Development?

Code at home, and get a real interest in it. Being a good developer isn’t just about programming in your working hours, it’s about passion and expanding your knowledge around the software development subject.

There’s an ocean of technologies out there and it’s so easy just to code what you already know, it’s now in the curriculum for schools and University courses. It’s really popular and accessible, have a go!

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