We're Raising Money for Charity!

We jump at the opportunity to raise money for a great cause, so when Red Nose day and Wear a Hat day came around, we just couldn’t say no. Within a week of each other, we came up with some cracking fundraising ideas for charity.

As always, the charity days included non-uniform and a bake sale (because you all know how much we love cake)! However, for each charity day we try to do something a little different. From ‘guess the amount of sweets’ to the ‘After Eight game’, for Red Nose day, we decided to have some swear jars set up around the office.

Blog Swear Jar

Webbies having to pay 50p per swearword, so we were bound to raise a good amount of money for Charity. Although some of our colleagues (including myself) were a little gutted they had to hold back their profanities, we felt this was a great fundraising idea and it definitely paid off. Overall, we managed to raise a whopping £92.60 for Comic Relief!

For Wear a Hat day, Webbies wore a variety of hats, the most popular being the cowboy hat. Those who didn’t own a hat (like myself) had to pay an extra £1. We of course, found another excuse for having a bake sale, and we divulged in lots of cakes, biscuits, fudge and Viv’s famous sausage rolls.

To raise a little more money, with the help of our designer, we created an online picture game. Colleagues were given the option to play, and then were sent a link and given until 3pm to give us the name of the object, and the location for bonus points. Some found it a little difficult – and not one person got all of the questions correct, however, after a tie, Steph was the first to answer the bonus question and ended up winning the competition.

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Overall for Wear a Hat day, we managed to raise £99.80 for Brain Tumour Research, adding up to a total of £192.40 over the two days, well done everyone!