We're going to StudentHack!

2017 came around faster than expected, and 2018 seems to be approaching rapidly too – are we really already in March?! One positive thing to come from this apparently snowballing passage of time is that Student Hack 2017 is right around the corner.

What is Student Hack?

Student Hack is a 2-day hackathon where you work in part of a team to enter challenges and win cool prizes. They’re also a great place for beginners to test their skills and network with others. From 10th March – 12th March, Student Hack will be held at The Landing at MediaCity, Manchester.

Last year our placement students won not one, but two awards! We’re hoping this year’s team also come out on top – good luck to Lauren, Gareth, Jake and Ned who will be representing Web Apps at Student Hack!


What are we sponsoring?

We’re proudly a Gaming Track Sponsor this year for Student hack, which means we get to set a fun gaming challenge.

Gaming is about taking limits away, not adding boundaries. We want to be as open-ended as possible with our challenge this year, and so we’re going for this:

Build a game with a travel theme. 

We’re not going to be prescriptive about the medium or technologies you use. All we want to see is an element of travel – we do, after all, build travel software. As long as there’s a journey from A-to-B, it’s OK with us.

What are we looking for?

Over slightly less than two full days, you’d be amazed what you can put together when you’ve got a great team. Here are the main things we look for to find a show-stopping hack.


We want to see a team who love what they do. If you’ve worked collaboratively and built a hack with love – it’s great to see.


One thing that really excites us is a strong idea with a fresh approach. Turn the brief on its head.


A hack doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect to be win the challenge. We want to see that a team has learnt something new, too.

The Judge


Craig Dean is Chief Executive of Web Applications UK, former President of the GM Chamber of Commerce and sits on the board of a national academy trust.

One of his favourite things to do is to mentor and judge at hackathons, and facilitate learning through our code clubs. He’s a frequent guest speaker at universities, lecturing on careers and employ-ability, creativity, software development practices and ethos in business.

There’s nothing Craig is more passionate about than learning and development. Craig sees Mentoring young developers and students as the most important part of his job.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to come out on top in the gaming challenge, you need to do one thing, make it new.

As well as judging the Gaming Track, This year Craig will be sitting on the panel for the final, helping to choose the overall winning team.

The Prize!

The bit you’ve all been waiting for.

Our Gaming Track winners this year will each receive:

1 x £50 Steam wallet voucher

1 x Logitech elite gaming mouse


Good luck, hackers!