A Promotion for Brodie!

We’re not remotely surprised about Brodie’s promotion to Senior Engineer last week, after winning the Directors’ Choice award at the Christmas party in December. But that’s not the only award he won; well known for his witty comments and humour, he also picked up the Bantersaurus Rex award, leading on from his Christmas Cracker award the year before.

Brodie is also known for his dedication and hard work – which has definitely paid off!

To start off with, what drew you to Web Apps?

Well, I met members of the company at a Careers fair, and after having a chat with them, they gave me all the information I needed really and that’s what brought me to apply. I pretty much came straight from University, had my interview in January and joined in June 2014.

How did you get into Software Development?

I did a couple of Programming modules at University, I studied Physics to start with and then I got a Summer job working as a Programmer, which I did for 2 Summers, then I started applying for a more permanent role.

Were you surprised about the promotion after winning the Directors Choice award at the Christmas party?

Craig and I had previously discussed my career development, and I’ve been working hard to achieve my goals, so I was pleased to see it pay off, but wasn’t really that surprised.

What have you learnt at Web Apps that you didn’t know already?

I’ve learned quite a lot, I’d never really done SQL before I started, or most of the web technologies. In Physics, it was actual applications development, so C++ rather than JavaScript, HTML, that sort of thing. It’s really helped me grow and expand my knowledge. All I knew, was what I had learnt from University.

Any future goals you want to achieve?

I haven’t really thought of any yet! Firstly I want to settle into the Senior Engineer role. I guess now it’s official, I should probably brush up on my Managerial skills a bit, as people will be coming to me looking for help. I’ve done a couple of training sessions, and when we have the next round of new starters I’ll be looking to get involved with that.

Are there any changes now you’ve been promoted?

It feels different, with a different job title. The workload is still the same, it’s one of those things that Craig says, “anoint not appoint.” So basically the work built up gradually and so when I got promoted it wasn’t a big shock.

Any advice for anybody looking to develop a career in Software Development?

I guess practice makes perfect. It’s best to just get stuck in and don’t put it off. Just jump straight in and practice and you’ll pick it up and persevere with it. Work experience whilst you’re still at University is straight away putting your foot in the door. You see a CV with work experience on, and it automatically stands out.

Congratulations Brodie, you deserve it!