We had a Halle of a Night!

Rebecca Lawton

Executive Assistant

I never met a problem that cheese couldn't solve.

When we start planning the Christmas party, it’s normally a fair few months in advance, to give ourselves plenty of time to think up every little detail. However, somehow the days seem to roll by and before we know it, it’s December!

The Christmas party is the most important company event of the year, which is why we put so much time and effort into planning it. Everything is well thought out, the timings, Secret Santa presents, entertainment, presentations, props and Webbie awards, all in the hope that everyone will have a great night.


Keeping a few surprises to ourselves (as we always do) we were excited for how the night would progress, with the hope that everything would turn out as planned.

A String Quartet greeted the Webbies, ex-Webbies, partners and friends as they arrived at the Halle st Peters on 16th December. With an arrival drink, the guests walked under our very own LED tree arch, to see a big inflatable snow globe – this was one of the surprises that was a little harder to keep quiet!


The mood was lightened throughout the day as it landed on Christmas Jumper & Dress Up Silly for Santa day. Donating just £2 to Save the Children, and Action Oldham, the Webbies got to wear anything festive in order to support 2 great causes. Managing to raise £90, we of course, had to crown a king & queen of dress up, this year being Lauren Weston and Nick Stafford – congrats guys!


When the night came around, everybody could see how much effort we put in, to make sure every last detail was perfect. It was a great night, and will definitely be another Webbie event that’s remembered. Special thanks go to all of the people who helped make it an amazing night, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!