Suguna the Senior Engineer

Rebecca Lawton

PR Assistant

I never met a problem that cheese couldn't solve.

It looks like all of Suguna’s hard work has paid off, as she’s just been promoted to Senior Engineer.

Originally from India, Suguna has been with us for nearly 5 years! Suguna came to Web Apps after finishing her Masters at Salford University, and has settled in well. She is now determined to work even harder!

To start off with, were you surprised about the promotion?

Totally surprised! I feel like I am still on the way, but I’ve been working hard to become to best developer I can be. That will come with time, and now I’m going to work even harder to justify what they have given me.

Did you know at a young age that you wanted to have a career in Software Development?

The education system is completely different in India, you can’t really compare them. The results you receive reserve you a place at a University. Unlike in the UK and the US, it’s actually mostly females that will go into Computer Science, however some will go into electronic engineering.

It’s very popular in India and that’s how I got into it. My elder sister also has the same career.

So did you study Computer Science at University?

Well, I studied Computer Science at University in India, and then moved over here to do my masters in Databases & Web-Based Systems. After that, I pretty much found Web Applications and joined straight away.

What brought you to Web Applications?

I came here straight after University to do my Masters. It actually took me a while to settle in due to the culture difference.

When I first got here, not many people could understand my accent, but now it’s a lot better, and I’m a very confident communicator.

Do you have any future goals?

Just to work hard, and do the work with more clarity. Now that I’ve been here for nearly 5 years, I want to try and understand the business more, and be involved in discussions about what the customers need, rather than just doing the work.

It’s always good to think about why things need to be done, rather than just getting on with it.

Do you have any advice for any students who are wondering whether to develop a career in IT?

Passion is important, and you should be doing a lot of coding because you should enjoy doing it. The Industrial Placement is a great way to start, you get the experience of what you’ll be doing when you get out of University. You don’t quite learn what you need to know, until you’ve been part of the industry and have spent time doing the work. You should really utilise the Industrial Placement because it will be an incredible thing and set you off with your career.

I would push people to do volunteer work and help out at Hack Manchester and places like that, because it will really help you with your future career.

Congratulations on the promotion, Suguna!