Ready, Set... Bake!

Rebecca Lawton

PR Assistant

I never met a problem that cheese couldn't solve.

As this year’s Great British Bake Off has again graced our screens, we have decided to hold the Great Webbie Bake Off (GWBO). Following the themes held weekly by the popular BBC programme (soon to be, RIP) the Webbies showed us their cooking skills and baked us lots of delicious treats!

Fortnightly, and corresponding with the 6 themes from the 2 weeks previous, we got to indulge in lots of goodies – making us not feel at all bad about the amount of fizzy drinks we consume here. But hey, we’ve got to score people appropriately, right?

For anonymity, the Webbies left their baked goods in the kitchen, and let a member of the Marketing team know what they had made, before we went down and divided them among 3 trays – one for each office, this way there was no cheating!

Using a score system based around taste, texture, appearance, and originality the consumers of food made honest comments on what they had just eaten.


Here are the scores on the doors:

Week 1:

1st: Viv Dean – Chocolate Ganache
2nd: Naomi McKenna – Starry Shortbread
3rd: Viv Dean – Lemon Drizzle Cake

Week 2:

1st: Viv Dean – Chocolate & Banana Loaf
2nd: Josh Green – Chocolate Brioche Flower

Week 3: The Webbies got to make whatever they wanted, in return we raised money for Macmillan.

1st: Josh Green – Apple Danish
2nd: Viv Dean – Chocolate & Pecan Fudge
3rd: Viv Dean – Macaroons
4th: Naomi McKenna for forgetting to bring in her Rocky Road

Congratulations Webbies – and thank you for filling our stomachs with delicious baked goods! This week’s themes are:

  • Roulade/ Swiss Roll
  • Marjolaine
  • Mousse
  • Any Marizpan dessert
  • Pie
  • Pancakes

We look forward to seeing (and eating) what the Webbies make for us on Friday!