Oh Buoy! The Barge Trip is Here

The event that we’ve been waiting all Summer for is here, and it’s aboat time – that will be my last pun, I promise!

What I love about official company events (apart from the open bar) is that it’s a great time for everyone to get together and have a bit lot of fun, and it was certainly that!

Leaving from Castlefield at 7:30, the drinks were already flowing and the party props being used. Hats, eye patches, inflatable swords. parrots and a shark – who became a keen part of the Webbie team until Dukes 92, all sparked interest from the get-go.


Sailing through Pomona Lock and heading to Media City, before returning to Castlefield, we had a delicious buffet and everybody was in the typical Webbie spirit. The barge was more than big enough to accommodate our group of 40, and there was no problem in moving around and socialising with just about everyone.

After a fun (and drunken) trip, we headed to Duke 92 to carry on the festivities, before some of us moved onto the Northern Quarter. It’s nice to see everyone in a joyful and happy mood, and the event was full of jokes – poor jokes, may I add, and laughter.


Thanks to City Centre Cruises, and to all the Webbies who made an appearance, making it a cracking Summer event! What will we do for the next one, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see.