Webbie Olympics Awards

Rebecca Lawton

Executive Assistant

Before we waste time getting to know each other, do you like cheese?

Our final event, for the Office Olympics, was Mouse Mat Discus. This again, was a game of accuracy. Throwing 3 Mouse Mats into the target areas sounds like an easy challenge. For some of us, *cough Naomi cough* it was.

However, for the rest of us, it proved harder than it looked, which meant that each Webbie got a practice beforehand – not that this really helped!

The three targets had points ranging from 1-3, the furthest away, being the highest scorer.

With some competitors getting 0 points, to Naomi getting the maximum 9 points, 3 of us had to have another go, as we had tied.

1st Naomi McKenna, Executive Assistant

2nd Rebecca Lawton, PR Assistant

3rd Lauren Weston, Software Developer & Ryszard Rowinski Software Developer


As that was our final event, we were ready for the Webbie Award Ceremony. With Viv baking a delicious Olympic themed Victoria Sponge, and We Are The Champions playing in the background, congratulations go to all the Webbies for taking part, and those who managed to win a medal!