Webbie Olympics Awards

Rebecca Lawton

PR Assistant

I never met a problem that cheese couldn't solve.

Our final event, for the Office Olympics, was Mouse Mat Discus. This again, was a game of accuracy. Throwing 3 Mouse Mats into the target areas sounds like an easy challenge. For some of us, *cough Naomi cough* it was.

However, for the rest of us, it proved harder than it looked, which meant that each Webbie got a practice beforehand – not that this really helped!

The three targets had points ranging from 1-3, the furthest away, being the highest scorer.

With some competitors getting 0 points, to Naomi getting the maximum 9 points, 3 of us had to have another go, as we had tied.

1st Naomi McKenna, Executive Assistant

2nd Rebecca Lawton, PR Assistant

3rd Lauren Weston, Software Developer & Ryszard Rowinski Software Developer


As that was our final event, we were ready for the Webbie Award Ceremony. With Viv baking a delicious Olympic themed Victoria Sponge, and We Are The Champions playing in the background, congratulations go to all the Webbies for taking part, and those who managed to win a medal!