The Webbie Olympics are in Full Swing

Kicking off the third event in our Webbie Olympics is Paper Toss. If you’ve ever played the app, you’ll know exactly how this goes (minus the fan, of course). The Webbies had 14 paper balls to throw into a basket, and the more they got in, the more points they received.

The game was about accuracy, and what we found, was that as soon as you got one in, the others seemed to follow – for the majority of the Webbies, anyway, this rule didn’t seem to work out for some of us!

Josh Kerr, set the bar high with 8 balls going into the basket, this was also reached by Veselin Kirev. Both of whom thought they would have to fight for the gold medal, however, Colin Walton proved his dart playing helped him with his accuracy as he got to a high score of 9!

As the result of a tie, Veselin and Josh both played again to see who could get 3 balls in the basket first, it was a tough game but Josh ended up coming out on top with the score 3-2.

1st Colin Walton, Project manager

2nd Josh Kerr, Placement Designer

3rd Veselin Kirev, Placement Software Developer

Table tennis

For the fourth round, Table Tennis was on the cards! The event some of the Webbies had been looking forward to the most.

With 8 participants, names were  opponents they would compete against – I unfortunately got Matt Rowan who absolutely smashed it!

After the first round, Damir, Matt R, Matt L and Veselin all beat their opponents and sailed through to the semi-finals.

After a few tough games, Veselin Kirev and Matt Rowan made it into the final and battled against each other for the gold and silver medal.

1st Veselin Kirev, Placement Software Developer

2nd Matt Rowan, Project Manager