The Webbie Olympics is Back!

Rebecca Lawton

PR Assistant

I never met a problem that cheese couldn't solve.

Since the Olympics has made it’s return, and in full swing, it only seems natural for us to hold our Webbie Olympics again this year. With a number of competitors, there were a good amount of people ready to partake in order to win a medal and a special prize.

Kicking off the Olympics, with Paper Javelin, the aim of the event was to build a paper aeroplane, and try and make it fly the longest distance. For most of us, who had completely forgotten how to even go about making an aeroplane, it was fun to see what people came up with. From a pointless one (literally) to one which only had half a wing, it was interesting to see who’s would fly the furthest.

Aubrey Boorer, Software Engineer, got the gold medal with his plane flying a whopping 12.04m!

Ste Lees, Senior Project Manager, raked in the silver with 11.66m

Richard Nabarro, Designer, came in 3rd and grabbed the bronze with 10.95m

The next event was Keyboard Sprint, this was a race to see who could type the highest WPM (words per minute) on typeracer.

Being given one practice turn before entering the event, nerves overcame the competitors as to how fast and accurate they could type. Accurate being the key word here, as without this you could not proceed – and I’ve got to say, some of the paragraphs were a lot harder to type than they looked.

Aubrey started off the event with a high 99 WPM which is a world record for the Webbie Olympics! With the bar being raised so high, none of us could reach it – or even came close.


Aubrey Boorer, Software Engineer came 1st with 99 WPM

Lauren Weston, Software Engineer came 2nd with 78 WPM

Jack Simpson, Marketing Team Leader, came 3rd with 77 WPM

The next two events are already in full swing, Paper Toss and Table Tennis!