Bowling Is Right Up Our Alley!

The social scene at Web Apps is always at a high, so why not head into Manchester for a night of food, fun and bowling?

With 15 of us attending, we were set for a good night, and after having bowled about once in the past 10 years, I was sceptical about how I would end up playing. There were a few doubts in each of our minds about what position we would end up coming – but it’s the taking part that counts, right?

What I love about places like All Star Lanes, and DogBowl, is the fact that unlike the bowling centre you attended when you were younger (or maybe still do), everything you need is there. Restaurant – check, bar – check, bowling – check. Maybe next time however, we’ll dine after bowling. Having consumed a large amount of food, playing when you’ve eaten so much is not good!

After filling our stomachs (or over filling them), we managed to get on the bowling alley a little earlier than planned, as we had finished our food with 45 minutes to spare. Split into 2 lanes, and some of us forgetting how to actually bowl, including myself, we started to play the game that we all loved at a young age.

Surprising myself with a strike on the first go, I peaked too fast and my skills slowly deteriorated. I can’t say the same for some of the others however, who kept steady bowls throughout. I did come in the top 5, which was unforeseen (Is ‘the top 5’ even a thing? It should be).

There were plenty of great players, with strikes and spares being bowled in both lanes, lots of different bowling techniques were also interesting to watch. It was amusing to see the frustration on some faces as balls were thrown into the gutter, or just missing the pins.

With some of the games being too close to call, congratulations go to the people who came in the top three:

1st Matt Chambers, Software Engineer

2nd Ste Lees, Senior Project Manager

3rd Steph Lomax, Project Administrator

We all had a cracking night, maybe next time – more bowling, less food.


Feature image: “_MG_3073” by sian_meades is licensed under CC BY 2.0