Webbie Welcome Week

After 2 years of hard work, and finishing my A-level exams, going on holiday and relaxing at home seemed like an appealing idea at first. However, I decided to spend the 8 weeks of Summer to do an internship at Web Applications UK, to expand my knowledge and gain some experience in the Computer Science industry before starting University. Sounds dull, but it really isn’t!

Walking in on the first day, and seeing other interns and Industrial Placement students was a surprise. Most of them in their 2nd and 3rd year of University, it was a little frightening at first. I settled in quickly as they are all nice and friendly, and didn’t make me feel awkward, even though they are much more experienced than I am at programming. On the first day, it took me a while to settle in, but the ice-breaker activity was very helpful in that sense. Give a group of computer geeks some stuff, and ask them to make and present a robot, and it all goes mental! It’s been great getting to know all these people, who all share similar interests.

The training in the first week was varied, but sometimes there was a lot of information to take in. Getting to understand the current systems at Web Apps was pretty confusing at times. Which I suppose, would be similar to walking into any new job. As the day progressed, there was a mix of more traditional and more dynamic training, I enjoyed the sessions where we did some ‘hands on’ work, like Javacript, SourceControl, and SQL sessions because we experimented with new languages and techniques. It was interesting and exciting, and of course, having access to free drinks has been great, but watch out for those – you don’t want to be gaining more weight!

Having a company ethos session with the CEO, Craig Dean was welcoming, because it was relaxing and positively encouraging. He made me feel like I’m part of the company, and has made me more confident and comfortable about being here at Web Apps.


We attended the Oldham Coliseum for a Business Presentation Skills Day as part of our training. Spending the day with a theatre play director and two actors, we went through presentation and speaking skills. It was a refreshing break from looking at a computer screen all day. I thought it was a fun and helpful day with the interactive activities that were organised. Developing and learning new skills, I was able to talk in front of people and build my confidence.

Now in my 4th week, I have really started to enjoy my time here. After a first week of training, and taking in a lot of necessary and useful information, I am now working with code and getting into the ‘hands on’ stuff. Overall, the weeks have got increasingly better, and I am learning a lot from this placement. Confident that I will enjoy this internship, I believe that I made the right decision to spend my summer here.