A Night For The Webbies

It’s always saddening saying goodbye to our colleagues, but with summer looking like it’s officially over, it’s time for most of our placement students to leave us. So, how should we celebrate? A farewell night out, of course, and what better way to give them a good send off. Judging by the headache that I had Saturday morning, it really was a remarkable night of bar-hopping.

Let me start by saying that we had a big group of 17, so I was slightly worried that we would end up breaking off from each other at some point in the evening, due to different preference of bars.

Meeting at 8 o’clock in Dusk til Pawn, we braced ourselves for what the night would bring. We had decided 2 of the bars that we were definitely going to, however we wanted to be spontaneous as to where we would end up next. Spontaneous nights, always seem to be the best nights.

Happy hour began at Turtle Bay at 10 o’clock, so of course, we had to head there. Being one of my favourite restaurant/bars in Manchester, the cocktails went down a treat. However with it being busy, it was a little difficult to find a space where we could all stand- the downside of big nights out, but that didn’t stop the drinks flowing nicely.

I’m not a regular of Northern Quarter, so most of the places we headed to were all new to me. Twenty Twenty Two, is a bar we all seemed to really enjoy. Holding table tennis, and beer pong matches, it was always going to be a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, the beer pong included a ‘winner stays on’ rule, so if we wanted to play our own team, we had to win our way there! A few of us were up for the challenge, and feeling competitive, we were all focused on winning. After a long game – and a cheat from the other team, slowly but surely, more of our group started participating with us. Helping us beat the group who had stayed on previously for over 5 games. I’ve never seen the look of relief on so many faces, when our ball went into the other team’s last cup. A joyous moment for all!

The end of the night consisted of dancing in a karaoke bar, to someone’s rendition of ‘Where Is The Love?’ by Black Eyed Peas, and after leaving here, us Oldham lot decided it was takeaway time – the best moment of every night out.

We had a fantastic night, and gave the placement students a good send off. We’ll miss you!