Welcome back, Webbies

Rebecca Lawton

Executive Assistant

Before we waste time getting to know each other, do you like cheese?

Every year, we take around 10-12 placement students in from across the UK. Damir Zabirov, Nick Stafford, Andrew Billings and Ryszard Rowinski came to us, with the hope of securing a placement year with the company. This gives them the opportunity, to spend a year working in industry between their penultimate and final years of University.


Now, a year later, we’re pleased to reveal that after finishing their 3rd year at University, they are back working with us… full-time! – They were just that good, that we couldn’t let them go.

I caught up, with the former placement students separately, to get to know a little bit about them, and how it feels to be back.

First of all, I’d just like to welcome you back to the company, I know everyone is very happy that you’re back. Can you tell me what University you attended, and how you found out about Web Applications?

Damir: I attended Salford University and have a degree in Computer Science. I actually found out from my placement tutor at University, but I also saw the vacancy listed on the Salford Careers hub. 

Nick: Manchester Metropolitan University studying Computer Games Technology. I saw the company advertised on the Placement Page at University, and decided to apply. 

Andrew: I attended the University of Liverpool studying Computing (with a year in industry). I received a careers email from University whilst I was picking out my placement year. 

Ryszard: University of Manchester studying Computer Science. I attended a few graduation fairs that they were at, and handed in my CV.

Did you ever expect you’d finish your placement year and be offered a full-time job?

Damir: Not when I first got here, I thought it would just be a normal placement year, where you leave after 12 months. It turned out to be much more. 

Nick: Hell no! It wouldn’t have surprised me if I ended up getting myself fired! They asked us all to stay on for the summer, and then before we left asked us if we wanted to work for the company full-time after University. 

Andrew: I don’t really know, I hoped there would be a vacancy. I actually did a 2 year placement year as the project I was working on was very important. I got offered to stay for an extra year, and then I got offered a full-time job!

Ryszard: I didn’t expect it, however I do know a few people who have been offered a job out of a placement year. I was hopeful that I would be the same.

Why did you choose Web Applications?

Damir: I like using JavaScript, and at Web Apps, I could do that. Also creating web applications is what I was interested in doing. They gave me my first interview, and after that, I stopped looking elsewhere.

Nick: Well I was looking for a placement, and the company caught my eye. The people seemed nice so I thought I’d give it a shot. 

Andrew: It’s close to home, and I’m familiar with the technology that they use. It’s also a really nice place to work. 

Ryszard: Because of the location, I wanted somewhere close.  I also wanted to work in a smaller company, rather that a large one. So this was perfect.

Not every Placement Student receives an offer of a permanent job after finishing their 12 months, how do you feel about being chosen to stay with the company?

Damir: I didn’t like 3rd year of university, so coming out of it knowing I had a full-time job was perfect. It’s much better than University, and I enjoy working the same hours daily and going home to rest instead of doing coursework.

Nick: Very useful! One thing I’ve been terrified about finishing University, is having to find a job.

Andrew: Relieving, because I don’t have to worry, as I had a job I enjoy waiting for me. 

Ryszard: Pretty good! All the pressure has been taken off, which meant I could get on with my work without worrying about what job I was going to get into. 

Why do you enjoy working at Web Applications?

Damir: The freedom! I enjoy working flexible hours and picking which case to work. Every Friday we also get Personal Development time. This is a half day off work, to focus on something that’ll help you improve your skills.

Nick: I enjoy most of the work, and I like the people. They have social events weekly, which is cool.

Andrew: I’ve learnt a lot from Craig and lots of other people, and I get to try out new things. 

Ryszard: There’s a good atmosphere. It’s fun with good benefits and the people are really friendly. 

If you could give 1 reason as to why you’re returning, what would it be?

Damir: My favourite thing is the Personal Development Time.

Nick: I just really enjoy it. 

Andrew: I’ve learnt so much already, that I am willing to learn even more. 

Ryszard: I really enjoyed the placement and the work that I did. 

What have you learnt from Web Applications so far?

Damir: I’ve received knowledge and experience in the IT industry, what and what it’s like to work a 9-5 job. 

Nick: How different theory is to practice.  I’ve learnt a lot in this job, more than I’ve learnt on my course. 

Andrew: I’ve learnt about new technology, different practices and how you’re meant to do things.

Ryszard: I’ve learnt how computer science works from a business perspective. It’s a lot different from what you get taught in University, there are different procedures behind it. 

Great catching up with you all, and everyone’s thrilled to see you back here. Welcome back to the webbie team!