A Fun-Filled Award Ceremony

Rebecca Lawton

Executive Assistant

Before we waste time getting to know each other, do you like cheese?

The time has come, for The Skills for Business Award ceremony.


This year we were shortlisted for 2 categories. Our first nomination was Creative, Digital and Media Technology Skills for Business. This recognises businesses that invest in the skills of their employees. Secondly, one of our Software Engineers, Jonathan Hall, was nominated for the Learning and Skills Champion.

With 21 categories, and a room full of people, we were ready for an enjoyable night. Especially as this is my first (and one of many, I’m sure) award ceremony.


Tap-dancers performed for the arrival of guests, and there were also college students performing throughout the night. Hosted by Justin Moorhouse (who had us in stitches)! we first had dinner, and then later on in the night the award presentation began.

Unfortunately for the team, we didn’t win any awards this time, however, the night was filled with lots of laughter, fun, dancing and alcohol. We all had a great night as you can probably tell from the smiles on our faces in the above photo. I’m sure we’re all feeling a little worse for wear this morning – I know I am.

Looking forward to attending lots more ceremonies if they’re all as fun-filled as this. Massive congratulations to the businesses that won an award, we’ll see you next year.

Images courtesy of Don’t Panic Events / Chris Bull