Webbie of the Week

Rebecca Lawton

Executive Assistant

Before we waste time getting to know each other, do you like cheese?

This week’s ‘Webbie of the Week’, is Software Engineer, Adam Chappell.

student hack 2

Above is Adam with his team at Student Hack 2016. They were placed 3rd overall and won the CDL challenge!

Currently at University studying Computer Science, Adam is taking a placement year and has now been with us for 11 months. He decided to apply for Web Applications after finding our website online and becoming very interested in the position and the company. After being offered the job on the same day as his interview, he’s loved working here that much that he’s extended until August!

Adam lives by Albert Einstein’s quote:

A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new

In his younger days, Adam used to perform in school plays. A couple of his roles were the Mad Hatter, from Alice and Wonderland, and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz (which is one of my favourite films)! He enjoys playing rugby whilst at University, and a more recent hobby of his is Photography. So much so, he’s invested in a Canon 70D.

Not being sure of what his future plans were, Adam told me that he’d like to have a career in either Software Engineering or Web Design and would love to travel to San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York – which is also on my bucket list.

I asked Adam: ‘If you had to choose 3 people to live with on a desert island, who would they be?’

  1. His mum
  2. His best friend Ollie
  3. Churchill (the dog)!

In Adam’s spare time, he enjoys visiting his friends and family, playing video games and watching his favourite TV Series NCIS. I have to admit, I do love a good crime drama myself!

To finish off, I asked Adam to provide a ‘Joke of the Day’:

What did the dragon say when Saint George came towards him? – Not more tin food!

Great getting to know you Adam!