We Broke Out (Spoiler Free)!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

It’s certainly been a disarming start to the Spring here in Oldham with hail, thunderstorms and freak blizzards. By the time the Breakout event rolled around last week, we were in need of a fun night!

Breakout Manchester is a live action escape-the-room game, akin to those old flash games where you had to solve a sequence of puzzles to get out of a room. Unlike those browser based games, getting out of a room you’re physically locked inside – excepting waiting for the timer to hit 00:00 – actually requires quite a lot of teamwork to manage.

Split into groups of 4, we braced ourselves for some mystery solving with a few drinks at Urban Cookhouse, Princess Street, before heading off to the venues on Brazennose Street and High Street respectively.

We’ve all yelled at contestants on Crystal Maze. Turns out, it’s actually not so easy.

I’m going to start with the fact that my team did not make it out of the room in time. That being said, my pleasingly alliterative teammates Matt, Mark and Maria were an excellent cross-section of intelligence, logic and street-wise creativity, and were probably held back by how long it took me to work out how the combinations on various padlocks operated.


A stark contrast between the two team photos here!

Not all teams were similarly unsuccessful though – Our Chief Executive’s team broke out of a 5-star difficulty room, and the overall winners were MD Craig Kennedy’s team, who busted out in a pretty impressive 51 minutes. This conveniently also meant they were the first to the buffet at Urban Cookhouse, which was a tasty array of American style hot-dogs, mini-burgers and chicken wings. A sweet reward to accompany the VR headsets the company provided as a prize.

The after-party went on into the early hours, with us making the most out of the open bar and finding out about our favourite new cocktail, the Party Cup.



What’s next on the agenda, you ask? I couldn’t possibly comment.

Maybe I’ll float a few hints your way, if you ask nicely.

Photo credit: Break Out Manchester