A Northern Cinderella Story

Last week, we hit the Coliseum once again to check out Our Gracie, a charming production about the life of Rochdale legend Gracie Fields.

Based on a real-life Cinderella story, Our Gracie is a new play by Philip Goulding, charting the course of a local girl’s journey from living above a chippy in Rochdale to becoming one of Britain’s greatest entertainers and highest paid actresses of her time.

The majority of us who attended the coliseum knew nothing about Gracie Fields, except that she was a famous singer/actress somewhere around the 1930s. The bio-play that aims to remind the world that such great and popular talent existed, faithfully telling the life story of Rochdale’s most famous daughter. The show is great fun, with the cast taking it in turns to play various musical instruments whilst also playing parts of various people from Gracie’s life.

We all had different verdicts on the play, so I asked a couple of Webbies to give me a one-liner about the play.

I was reminded of so many good songs. A jolly good play!
The actors increasingly engaging with the audience and effectively breaking the 4th wall with light hearted and witty humour.

The production was a fitting tribute and also was a great Webbie night out!