Journey to Success

Introducing Business Analyst Dominique Ward-Marsh

Our youngest team member at Web Applications to date is 18 year old Junior Business Analyst Dominique, born and bred in our town of Oldham.

Whilst working with us full time, we are sponsoring Dominique as part of the new MMU Degree Apprenticeship programme. 4 days a week Dom works in our busy PM team, before retreating to the pizza-fuelled university lifestyle, working towards her BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions.

Here she is feeding a sheep, for some reason.


Though young, Dominique is very ambitious and driven towards success. A proud graduate of Hulme Grammar – something she shares with Chief Exec. Craig Dean – Dominique initially considered various apprenticeships opportunities in the area, as the prospect of having to get a student loan put her off going to university. Earning whilst learning was a no-brainer, and gave her a great opportunity to get a head start in her career.

In her spare time, when she needs a break from her hectic schedule, her main hobby is horse riding. Dominique has been horse riding since the age of 3, learning on her pony Pumpkin. 15 years later she is still riding; the photo below is a recent picture of Dominique on her beautiful horse, Lou.


When Dominique was a little girl, she wanted to be a primary school teacher, to make a difference and help others. To this day she is still motivated to make a change and help others, for example cutting her hair for a charity called ‘The Little Princess Trust’, which provides real hair wigs for children that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

This is only the beginning of the journey to success for Dominique – she is very excited for the future and so are we. GOOD LUCK!