Hacking for the Future

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

There’s no better way to start the week than with a hackathon, am I right? A couple of Mondays ago, a Webbie unit including Chief Exec. Craig Dean was deployed to MadLab Manchester. Our mission? Mentor young hackers at Hive Manchester’s first Half-Term YouthHack, a 2 day coding competition and celebration of tech and learning.

Veteran geek wrangler and all-round cool dude Claire Foster, of Hack Manchester, was on hand to help, issuing lunch-bags and coffee cups with customary quasi-military efficiency. Co-organiser Gemma also showed up in time to assure us it was all going to be OK, and of course to boost morale with a joke about cheese (I won’t repeat her material, as I couldn’t possibly do it justice – it’s all in the delivery). Damian Payton of Hive Manchester dotted the figurative Is and crossed the imaginary Ts, trying his best to reassure the young devs about the project presentations the following day.

As head judge, Craig spent the two days bouncing from team to team, distributing knowledge and encouraging hackers to embrace the spirit of the event – meeting new people, trying something new, and most of all, learning about tech. Craig was assisted by one of our awesome industrial placement students, Craig Harley. Nice job Harley!


Just when you think the future devs of Greater Manchester can’t surprise you anymore, they find a way to excite us all over again, with their incredible raw talent and boundless enthusiasm. What an awesome couple of days – we can’t wait for the next one. Keep an eye out for the next half-term hack over the Easter break. See you then, Hackers! #supportyourlocalhackathon