Webbie of the Week!

Introducing baby-faced Executive assistant – Miss Naomi McKenna


As I’m a newbie at Web Applications, I wanted to get to know everyone in my own way to break the ice. My first victim was the lovely human being above.

Born in 1990 in Coventry (which has one of the smallest airports I have witnessed), baby Naomi moved to mighty Oldham where she grew up, eventually joining the Web Applications team!

Being a 90’s baby her music taste is definitely approved, as she’s a huge indie fan. She is a huge admirer of the local band The Courteeners and of course The Stone Roses.

Naomi even brought up if she could be any famous person dead or alive, it would be music icon Mr John Lennon. Who wouldn’t want to experience being a member of The Beatles?

I asked Naomi if a genie granted her 3 wishes what would she wish for?

  1. A cure for cancer (sweet wish)
  2. Unlimited free pizza
  3. Last but by no means least; not to put any weight on from all the free pizza!

Naomi is the kind of girl who seems quiet but can easily be brought out of her shell, she is full of fun and a warm, unique person. I even found out she has visited many amazing destinations and had lots of adventures from riding an elephant in Thailand to watching the beautiful Northern Lights in Iceland.

Joke of the day

What do you call a man who can’t stand properly? – Neil!

Finally, here is a special self-portrait of the lovely Naomi: