Proud to Support Equality

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

In his role as Oldham President of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Web Applications Chief Exec. Craig Dean has a lot of interaction with regional businesses and business leaders. Craig sees it as part of his role as President to be an advocate for good business practice, and he doesn’t believe it comes any more important than ensuring more opportunities and reduced inequality in the workplace. Craig has been working as a commissioner on the Oldham Fairness Commission, an initiative established by Oldham East and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams.

Craig said:

“Where inequality is present in business, it not only creates an uneven playing field but is provably detrimental to business and the economy. We hinder our own capacity to succeed when we judge individuals based on any criteria, other than the ability and potential of said individual.”

As a company, we’re incredibly proud to lend our support to Debbie and the Oldham Fairness Commission.

One key commitment Craig made to the commission was to increase the level of opportunity by fostering strong and meaningful interaction between education/skills providers and businesses. Along with Craig’s individual efforts to do this as Chamber President, we’ve built strong relationships with local and national education providers, from primary to higher education. This is exemplified by the range of successful Code Clubs we run in collaboration with local institutions.

Failsworth School visit the Web Applications UK campus

We’ve also been working hard to engage with the community and have a positive impact, something core to our beliefs as a company. This has included taking on dozens of work experience students, allowing access to the skills and experience that are so vital to young job-seekers in the current labour market. In addition, we work closely with organisations such as Mahdlo, who work tirelessly to provide accessible enrichment for children from all backgrounds.

The Oldham Fairness Commission Conference at Mahdlo Youth Centre

Companies across all industries must work hard to make sure we’re doing everything we can to level the playing field. It is our firm belief that communication between businesses to address such issues is vital to reducing inequality, and indeed to the future of the economy.

You can read more about the Oldham Fairness Commission, and see more videos here.


Given permission to use images by PR Office of Debbie Abrahams.