Webbie Awards: The Shortlist

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

We’re now less than a month away until our Christmas party, which can only mean two things: the Marketing dept. is starting to get very busy, and the finalists for the Webbie Awards have been revealed.

Without further ado, here are your nominees:

Christmas Cracker Award
For telling the worst jokes

Brodie Gilmour
Or ‘Obride Rumgoil’ as he is affectionately known to his fellow videogamers. Well known for his hilarious, if slightly unconventional antics.

Chris Sweeney
Sweeney is quite a dry fellow; perhaps ‘worst jokes’ is a little unkind.

Jack Simpson
I suppose my puns speak for themselves.

Naomi McKenna
Having once shared a desk clump with Naomi , I can confirm that she is supremely talented at telling poor jokes, almost as good as I am at backhanded compliments.

Santa’s Little Helper Award
For always helping out

Andy Foster
Our Caretaker Andy is always on hand whether you need a chair fixing or just a good chin wag.

Jijo James
Always happy to spread his considerable wealth of knowledge around. Also really competing at the Fantasy Football this year.

Jon Hall
With Simon’s help, ran a hugely popular series of web development training sessions this year. Good work!

Josh Green
This guy is an epic bowler. I wish he’d help me learn how to not be terrible at bowling.

Peter Pan Award
For the Webbie who never grew up

Adam Chappell
With a beard that majestic, I’m not sure I’d call Adam young-looking, so it must be something else…

Charlotte Houghton
Not sure if ‘never grew up’, but certainly trigger-happy; I’ve seen her playing RPGs!

Craig Harley
Has a reputation as a party animal after joining us for a night-out on his very first Webbie outing, before he’d even started!

Kenny Wong
Perpetually young looking. What’s your secret, Wong?

Scrooge Award
For the person always moaning

Ben Lewis
I’m always excited for Ben to chime in during the Company Update!

Dale Wright
Ex-army. Goes to the gym. My desk-mate. Will not be writing any pithy comments.

Gintaras Liksa
Gini keeps his cards close to his chest, but did once tell me he didn’t like football. He’s now organising the 5-a-side matches, so people can change!

Jamie Tregilgas
Member of my team for Hack Night. Actually moaned less than Nick, who mostly complained about how useless I was (not really, they were both very nice)!

Sleeping Beauty Award
For the person always yawning

Richard Nabarro
Spent a large portion of 2015 so far playing The Witcher 3 until 2am. I would actually like to see the data on this.

Sam Welek
Always looks relatively awake to me.

Stephen Lees
Works hard, sleeps hard. Allowed everyone the collective use of his pool cue when the shared one broke.

Tom Walsh
Give him a break, he’s still a student! Plus, Londoners find it tough up here.

The Ugly Sisters Award
Best Partnership

Jack and Rik
You should see us playing Rocket League. Forget Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole.

Jon and his keyboard
I… wait, what?

Josh and Brodie
Aw, you guys.

Sarah and Charlotte
Coolest PM double act ever.

The Grinch Award
The person only coming for the free stuff!

Dave McQueen
Dave recently gave me a lift home so I’m not inclined to say anything cheeky. Something something challenge accepted?

Giles Smart
Should have been nominated for best partnership with his bike. Actually, I think he did last year…

Nick Stafford
Enjoys a Cobra or two at curry night.

Seck Wei Lim
Plays a lot of ping pong at lunchtime. Perhaps there’ll be a table at Christmas?

Alan Turing Award
Developer of the Year

Ben Lewis
Plays board games, likes Mongol Horde. Got my vote.

Jon Hall
Also nominated for being unusually close to his keyboard. I guess that makes sense.

Simon Levy
Allowed everyone the collective use of his pool cue when Ste’s broke.

Suguna Raj
A Webbie veteran and always happy to help somebody out.

Pride of Web Apps Award
Employee of the Year

Andy Foster
The office would practically fall to pieces without Andy.

Kris Cartwright
Had a great year, having been promoted to Senior Engineer. Also organised and GMed an awful lot of Pathfinder sessions.

Simon Levy
Also promoted to Senior Engineer. Helped run web development training with Jon.

Stephen Lees
Had our new Projects team members feeling confident in no time. Grew a stunning moustache earlier this year.

Congrats and good luck to all, even if you’ve been nominated for a silly award. Voting now available in all kitchens. Let’s do this!