Web Applications Open Sources Vast .NET Code Library

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

For the last decade we’ve built a vast library of C# .NET utilities for use in our enterprise software. which we call our “Core Libraries”. When NuGet came along we took immediate advantage and started producing a set of internal NuGets which allowed us to quickly start new projects and pull in the feature sets we needed. Throughout the development of the libraries it was always our intent to publish them as Open Source for the benefit of our wider community.

Over the years though, a number of attempts was made, but separating out build processes, securing our deployments, improving documentation, upgrading to the latest frameworks, adding features, improving test coverage (all the usual excuses!) meant that we never quite managed to get everything done; after all open sourcing code always seems to take a back seat to paid work! Nonetheless, we remained committed to the goal and have chipped away at it for over three years now.

Well we’ve finally done it, and sorry it took so long! All our core libraries are now available as source code on GitHub, and can be downloaded and used in your own projects easily using NuGet. The documentation is there, but we plan on fleshing it out much further with tutorials.

We’ve included the last three years of history in the commits. Over the years, numerous Webbies have contributed to the libraries and a few have moved on to leverage their skills in the wider developer community. It gives us great pleasure to restore access to some of the familiar tools they first learnt to use and develop whilst with us here.

Even if you don’t use the libraries in your own production code (though we’ve successfully deployed in large enterprise solutions for a number of years), hopefully you will find solutions and inspiration in the source code for solving some of the problems you face. We’ve benefited over the years from learning off our peers that have been kind enough to publish their solutions online, and it’s a privilege to finally be able to contribute something back.