Things that were awesome about Great Uni Hack

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

It was an interesting one for me last weekend – I spent most of it hanging out with insomniac hackers in an old television studio. I was, of course, at The University of Manchester’s Great Uni Hack, organised in association with Major League Hacking.

We’re no stranger to hackathons here at Web Applications, having been involved with Hack Manchester since it began back in 2011. I was intrigued at the ambitious plans for the hackathon, and showed up relatively bright-eyed on Friday night ready to find out what made Great Uni Hack so great.

Here’s a few things.

1: Intercontinental hacking FTW.

2: This hack: a sub-£40 smartwatch. Utterly impractical and boundlessly awesome. 43hfr90qu3rgu0rsjdoifgdr3e
3: Whatever this was about.

4: Seeing old friends – shout-out to ex-Webbie Rui! _DSC1970
5: The philosophy.

6: Free T Shirts.
7: Parrot Drones. Especially when finalists Enchanted Objects literally used their heads to control them, harnessing the power of the Muse Headband.


8: The insane things you can get up to when you’re not hacking. My favourite was Slideshare Karaoke.

9: The venue. Look at this place!
The closing ceremony, which culminated in Oculus Dress winning Best Hack, presented by Chief Executive Craig Dean, can be seen in full here.