Webbie Quiz Night - The Return

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

One non-code related thing we’re pretty proud of here at Windsor Works, apart from our cake-baking skills, is our ability to put on an awesome quiz night every now and again. As you may have seen us mention once or twice, we very recently hosted an official Webbie quiz night at Christie’s Bistro, Manchester. With the customary free bar and tasty food on offer, an official Webbie event is always a special affair; add to that the Marketing team’s penchant for coming up with only partially sane ideas, and Craig’s love of showmanship, and you’ve got a formula for a memorable night.

The format for the quiz was a little different from your average pub quiz – in keeping with the Big Fat Quiz theme, we decided each team would give their answer straightaway, and we’d reveal the answers as we went in a more game show style – this meant we got to have a good laugh at a couple of the hilarious answers:

Q: From which European family was King Richard III of York from?

My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem: “Royal”.


As most of you will be aware, we usually try to sneak some Photoshop hilarity into Webbie events, and we realised this with the 4th round – I Know That Face. I’m not going to go through them all, as I don’t have the column inches, but here’s my personal favourite – Director Shaun Austin as Doc Brown from Back to the Future! A special mention is in order for Brodie, who made us all laugh when he indignantly yelled “Well that’s clearly me” when we displayed our superimposition of him as Sheldon Cooper.

We had to take a break after that, as we were laughing at the face-mashes far too much. After a splendid buffet from the Christie’s kitchen, we got back into the swing of things. A run through the scores from scorekeeper Naomi revealed that team Web Bandits were in front with 48 points, though they were only 5 points away from their nearest rival, so the race was on going into the last 4 rounds. Question Round: Part II was neck and neck as the teams effortlessly breezed through what I thought were 10 difficult questions. Apart from, sadly, My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem, who had by this point (rather fittingly) re-branded to #BottomOfTheBarrell.

The round that had the potential to be the biggest game-changer was The Droids We’re Looking For. As you can probably guess – the Star Wars themed round involved building a battle-droid out of random materials and pitching it to the Tech Angels board. After 10 minutes of, um, ‘product development’, the teams took turns to send a representative to give an elevator pitch of their deadly robot design.

Product development… riiiiiight.
The front-runners Web Bandits pretty much sealed their victory by taking the most points here, after a confident presentation by PM Stephen Lees. Well done to all Webbies for their pitches for making us laugh: special mention to James Rowlands and Gordon for their hilarious presentation, that, sadly, is too NSFW to go into detail about. If you ask the right people (Kenny) you’ll be able to access a video of their pitch.

Star Wars homage complete, only one thing remained – Webbies Against Humanity, our own unique spin on the not-for-your-nan card game Cards Against Humanity. The game involves filling in the blanks of incomplete sentences using a handful of cards with possible content. The teams were given sets of cards – carefully curated sets of cards – to fill in the blanks with. Given the earlier proven ability of Rowlands and Pearce to reduce a room to a hysterics, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that their team Quiztal Meth took the prize for this one, bagging some Uno cards!

Finally, huge congratulations are in order to Web Bandits, who kept their nerve and held their lead right through until the end, being crowned ultimate champions and winning a retro sweet hamper! Well quizzed folks. I’ll get you next time. After the prize-giving ceremony, we chilled out and had a few drinks, enjoying the scholarly atmosphere of the university building. There’s even a rumour that a small contingency of Webbies carried the party on into Manchester’s nightclubs, but I can neither confirm nor deny that report, having been safely tucked up in bed by 11pm.

What’s next on the Webbie calendar, you ask? We’ve already had some pretty outlandish ideas. Stay tuned.