Webbie Theatre Nights, Act One

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Wednesday evenings are normally reserved for the traditional Webbie movie night – last Wednesday, we thought we’d mix it up and try something new, following our announcement that we’d be sponsoring our friends at Oldham Coliseum. Seven adventurous Webbies – Kat, Naomi, Chryssi, Mark, Alison, Dalli, Dale and I headed to the theatre for a night of fear and intrigue, and we weren’t disappointed!

Suitably bolstered for the evening’s spookiness with varying delights from local eateries (KFC, Subway and Nandos were all in attendance), we walked up to the Coliseum and took our excellent centrally located seats in the theatre, which traces its history back to the 19th century.

What followed was a well-paced and cleverly produced adaptation of Susan Hill’s The Mist in the Mirror, a classically spooky bump-in-the-dark tale. The placement of an in-story narrator is a nice touch, a throwback that gives the audience a unique perspective whilst invoking the tale’s literary origins. The Mist in the Mirror is effortlessly charming in its own way, tension nicely balanced with quirky English humour and the right level of self-deprecation; a ripple of laughter followed a pre-show announcement that those of a nervous disposition may want to exit the theatre.

Mist in the Mirror has now moved on to tour the UK. As of writing, you can catch the production at Exeter Northcott Theatre. Better move fast!

Next up: Forever Young!