Supporting our Hometown

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

We recently agreed to become a corporate sponsor for Greater Manchester Music Hub, which will contribute to bringing music to the children of Oldham.

As a business, one of our core values remains to be investment in our hometown. In his guise as President of the Oldham Chamber of the GMCC, Web Applications CEO Craig Dean comes across many opportunities to lend a helping hand, and we’re glad to be a part of a vast range of local companies and institutions. We’re often involved in the sense of a sponsor or benefactor, though sometimes it’s a case of sending in the Webbies to help!

In a more direct sense, we also want to influence business growth within our own industry, by investing in budding IT start-ups across Greater Manchester. Our sister company – WA:UK Tech Angels, an angel investor for IT start-ups, embodies our ambitions to be part of the next generation.

We’re deeply interested in developing the skills and ambitions of local young people, and this sees us involved with partners from all kinds of backgrounds. Company Secretary and Co-Founder Gordon Pearce has built a strong working relationship with Jonathan Beckett, one of the key figures involved in driving O2’s Think Big initiative in the Greater Manchester area, as we deliver workshops and careers advice to schools and colleges across the county.


Delivering code clubs to several Oasis Community Learning Schools and Academies remains a privilege for us, and we have capitalised on our partnership with Oldham Athletic to bring Laticzone code club to a large number of local children. In the words of our very own Kat Fielding, who takes it upon herself to organise our side of the code club arrangements: “We are really involved in the community, and coding is the core of what we do so we have expertise that we can share. With Scratch, it’s relatively easy to follow and if children have grown up with computers they are a lot more receptive to it.” Our code club programme continues to go from strength to strength, with Laticzone recently seeing a record number of drop-ins –  22 attended last week!


One of our favourite causes is our work with Kingfisher Special School. Being a member of staff at Kingfisher automatically qualifies you to be a superhero, and if we can help in any way, even if it is just a fundraiser day here and a fun afternoon out for the children there, we’re always immensely proud to do it. Kingfisher recently built their ‘Web Playground’, an interactive learning environment decorated with art created by the children themselves, in our very own offices. We can’t wait to see our friends at their annual ball later this year.

Working with our local community and establishing a partnership with other businesses in the area is incredibly important to us. Oldham is on the up, and we want to be part of the revolution!

For more information about how GM Music Service are developing the youth of Oldham, check out the below video.