New for 2015: Theatre Club!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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We’re proud to continue our association with Oldham’s famous theatre, The Coliseum, in 2015. We’ll be sending business their way now too, in the form of a regular theatre club. Every month or so, the company will provide tickets to a show at the Coliseum for ten lucky Webbies. First up: The Mist in the Mirror, by the acclaimed author of The Woman in Black, Susan Hill.

The Mist in the Mirror, a Gothic tale of a wanderer haunted by something he can’t quite explain, has been produced by internationally renowned theatre company Imitating the Dog. ITD are known for their ability to immerse an audience, and all evidence is that they will on top of their game trying to unnerve us throughout Hill’s classically creaky tale.

Will the Webbies ever sleep again? Will our bedroom lights be left on all night and gift us an unfortunately high electricity bill? Only time will tell.

The only question we urgently need the answer to is this: how will we manage to get pizza delivered to the theatre?