5 things I learnt about being a Webbie in 2014

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

To any regular readers of this blog, it will come as no surprise that we decided to get the pizzas in for lunch this Christmas Eve. As I sat there, feeling relatively festive and definitely content as I chewed on my Tandoori Hot, I reflected on what I’ve learnt about life as a Webbie since I joined back in April.

1) Full-time developers, part-time sporting heroes
In late 2013, an innovative benefits scheme was unveiled. Not only would there be a renewed focus on honing the individual skill-sets of our employees (with the implementation of a personal development time scheme that gives our devs half a day a week to work on personal and creative projects), but there would also be a focus on their physical well-being. Web Apps established a partnership with Oldham Community Leisure which provided full-time employees a membership at any OCL gym, including use of their large range of facilities.

There have been some incredibly competitive sports competitions this year. Who can forget the gladiatorial Webbie Cup, or the Olympic struggle of Webbie co-ed netball? No doubt we’ll see more of the same in 2015.

2) Not just workmates
There are some fantastic people behind the scenes at Web Apps. The best thing about them is that you’re never finished learning new things about the people around you, and making new friends. There’s something about an office where you make genuine friends that makes every day a pleasure to wake up to.

3) Food for thought

Here at Web Apps, we have something of a fondness for comfort food. Thankfully, our Oldham Community Leisure gym membership helps to stave off any lasting effects of our penchant for indulging in cake, brownies, cupcakes, fried chicken, cookies, doughnuts, curry, etc. During a brief stint at a desk in the dev pool, I learnt about the existence of a deeply secret food society. I can say no more, lest I break the first rule of biscuit club.

4) Ain’t no party like a Web Apps party
Can we all just take a moment to remember (although perhaps not the horrendous dance moves) the outrageously good official events we’ve had this year? In addition to countless un-official excursions, there has been a fantastic summer BBQ on the roof of a Castlefield hotel and a huge night at our Christmas Party, against the stunning backdrop of the Manchester Art Gallery.

There’s a temptation to conform to a worn-out stereotype and think of IT professionals as being straight-laced, quiet individuals. Some of the crazy, wonderful times I’ve had in the company of my co-workers are testament to how outdated it is to assume that.

5) We’re always getting better, together
It’s not just about PDT. It’s about a company with an exceptionally young average age making progress and helping each other develop professionally and personally. We take on a large portion of industrial placement students every year, and many of them are now in our ranks as full-time employees, having come back to continue their unfinished business as a Webbie. Those of you coming back; can’t wait to see you this summer!

We’re not just a great company to work for, we’re a great company to be a part of. No doubt there will be more of the same come 2015. To Webbies past and present, clients, friends and partners: have an excellent Christmas and New Year!