Ironically named Wrighteous Vengeance in doubles pool win

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

In the coldest, ultimate months of the year, we found a novel way to cheer up during the short days here at Windsor Works by holding an office-wide doubles pool tournament. Some old wounds were re-opened, and Project Group Manager Fahim’s team, Wrighteous Vengeance, was named in response to the memory of Lee and Dale (Wright)’s victory last year. It was all harmless banter though, especially seeing as one half of Wrighteous Vengeance was actually one of last year’s winners, Lee!

That was an incredibly convoluted way to start a blog post, I know, so let’s head straight to the good stuff. The second round began with a comfortable victory for Kenny and Dale’s Systematic Conkerers, who took down promising team Ian is a Pleb. The Marketing team’s Cinderella-story in the making was binned after a confident victory for eventual 3rd place runners-up No Direction. Wrighteous Vengeance, I’m sorry to say, made incredibly short work of plucky IPs Dan and Luke: Chwaraewyr Gwych Pwll were out for the count.

The Ultimate Prize

The semi-final round loomed, and by some miraculous oversight, we had ended up with three teams. We made the only decision that made sense, and each team played each other once as part of a group stage. After 3 matches, and 15 frames, No Direction were dropped out, and the final looked set to be an epic showdown, as Dale would face his former team-mate Lee, and nemesis Fahim in what turned out to be an incredibly nervy showing from both sides!

Lee calculates the angles

It was close, and Kenny was later heard saying he was disappointed not to have capitalised on mistakes made by a usually infallible team. Lee and Fahim came out on top in a close game. Finally, congrats to doubles pool champions Wrighteous Vengeance! Who avenged their defeat… by Lee..? I’m confused. What?

Up next – singles?