Guest Blog - Tom Ashworth 'Work Experience'

Hey, I am a student at Crompton House School called Tom. I am currently in year 11 and studying for my GCSEs. I am doing one weeks worth of ‘Work Experience’ here at Web Applications UK in the marketing team.

About  myself: I love Gaming and I play competitively with my friends. We all play religiously and always have a great time. Aside from this I also love to go to the gym as I hate being the stereotypical teenager that lounges on the sofa all day. I go with my Dad and my brother to practice boxing which is a really good way to keep fit and healthy. In the future I am thinking of going down the route of marketing as I enjoy business studies at school.

When I first came to Web Applications I felt really welcome as the staff are very friendly. Even though the marketing staff that I was meant to be working with were away for the majority of my stay here, the other members of the team kept me occupied as best they could which I found helpful. So, I got as much experience out of the week as possible which is what I really wanted to achieve. From this happening I have learnt a lot about the business and different people’s jobs at Web Applications.

During my stay I have produced a poster for an event on Friday which is Save the Children’s ‘Christmas Jumper Day’. I have sent many E-mails around the business to different people and to my surprise I have been entrusted to organise an event on Friday, which the whole of the building can take part in. I spent a lot of time preparing with the help of Faiza, Kat and Alison.

As my week comes to a close I can really say I have enjoyed my stay here at Web Applications UK. The staff have made me feel at ease in a new environment and the work has been fun to take part in. Overall, it has been a real eye opener as to what it is like to work in an office.

Lastly, I would like to give a quick thank you to Andy and Faiza, as they really helped me settle in and gave me something to do when the Marketing staff were away.