Exciting times ahead as Web Applications UK appoints Managing Director

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

We proudly announce today the appointment of Craig Kennedy as our new Managing Director at Web Applications UK. Craig, previously the Finance Director, is stepping up to the new role, effective immediately (10 December 2014).

Craig Dean, Chief Executive had this to say, “The board and I are delighted to announce the new Managing Director. Craig has already been fulfilling many of the responsibilities associated with the MD role as part of his day to day duties, and we believe recognising his contribution is long overdue. For a long time he has been more than a Finance Director, and we’re excited to see him continue to bring his energy and enthusiasm to the senior management role.”

The three major shareholders and founders, Craig Dean, Gordon Pearce and Lee Tudor, are remaining just as active as always in the business, and Craig Dean is continuing in his role as Chief Executive. The CEO added “Craig [Kennedy] and I have a great working relationship and that will continue as he takes on his new role.”

The next year will be pivotal for us as we put the finishing touches to the platform that will run the latest iteration of our market-leading ‘Traveller’ software; promoting Craig K to MD will allow the business to continue our focus on our existing customers whilst pushing forward on developing the next generation of our reservations system.