Webbie Pool Tournament 2014: Round I

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Where normal office workers gather by the water-cooler, you’ll find that Webbies tend to gravitate around the pool table. We’ve had the table just over a year, and by now, there are some undeniably skilled players knocking about.

After our last pool tournament’s epic conclusion which saw Dale and Lee come out on top, there has long been demand for another tournament. So at the start of the month a tree was drawn up, ridiculous team names were penned, and we had a fight on our hands.

The first match-up was Ian is a Pleb, consisting of prankster duo Simon and Ian, vs. Team RV, Ryszard and Virr. A close contest, you could have accused Ian is of going into the match complacent, and they were surprised in particular by Ryszard’s efforts to drag him and Virr through the first round. Ian and Simon eventually took the victory, though RV made them sweat for it.
DSC_1020 DSC_1017
Virr, above, left, attempts an ambitious cannon.

Then came the match between the ironically blandly-named Marketing vs. one of three IP teams, From Peiris With Love. Designer Rik has improved since his lamentable effort last year, and helped in no small part by myself and my trademark courting of the middle-pocket, we were the victors in a very tight game which Kenny kindly billed as the “QPR vs. Leicester of the tournament”. Commiserations to JP and Brodie.

We also saw the hotly-anticipated match between Systematic Conkerers, Sysadmins and conker enthusiasts Kenny and Dale, and Projects team Pocket Rockets. Both departments are renowned for their pool abilities, though to be honest the match was a disappointment. Kenny played some trademark ‘Pool of the Mind’, and the pair cruised past Terence and Ste, who in their own words “massively under-peformed and it will haunt [them] forever”.
DSC_1107 DSC_1105
DSC_1109 DSC_1122
Above left: Ste sees the funny side!

Elsewhere, Team Ben and Mark (predictably consisting of veteran Webbies Mark and Ben L.) faced strong favourites Wrighteous Vengenace. Anyone familiar with last year’s pool tournament will note the reference: Fahim narrowly missed out on taking the victory last year when beaten by a team involving Sysadmin Dale Wright, and company co-founder Lee, who strangely enough is in Fahim’s team this time around. Both renowned for their skill, Lee and Fahim drifted past the unfortunate devs and into the second round.

Welsh-named IP team Chwaraewyr Gwych Pwll took on ambitious devs Giles and James R., 8 Balls of Fire. Having expected an uphill climb, IPs Luke and Dan H. were pleasantly surprised when they found James and Giles were of a similar level to themselves. The relieved IPs walked away the winners after what they’ll probably forgive me for describing as a farcically foul-tastic game of pool!
Above: Giles lining one up.

Lastly, cleverly-named Director team (nothing wrong with feeding the ego on a Monday morning) No Direction took on the sole Admin team at the tournament, the exotically sounding Katomi, named after team members Naomi and Kat. Try as they might to use office mascots Bea and Bo as a diversion tactic, Katomi were beaten by Craig K. and Gordon, though they definitely seemed to have fun all the same!
DSC_1094 DSC_1092
All in all, it was an incredibly competitive first round!

Next up, round II!