Putting up with craziness

You get used to seeing crazy versions of normal things here – something anyone who visits Windsor Works gets a sense of. It’s not unusual to come across your colleagues having an important discussion over a ping-pong match, or to find yourself having a cuddle with office mascots Bea and Bo during a meeting. Given also our enthusiasm for sports activities, us lot and crazy golf seems a pretty natural marriage!

So, 13 of us took a little trip to the Trafford Centre last night and spent the evening getting a bite to eat and playing 36 holes at Paradise Island Crazy Golf. We split into two groups of 4 and a 5 and set off around both courses, which at their worst involve situations where bouncing your ball at an angle off a rock is the only way to the cup.

As someone who has played golf since they were quite young, I expected to find crazy golf to a relaxing, easy-going activity with relatively few incidents involving putter snapping and exasperated sighing. I was sadly mistaken – I am really quite poor at crazy golf, and more than once did I misjudge the comical contours of the putting greens and find myself being ridiculed by the dulcet tones of an electronic pirate voice-over. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all, especially Craig, who surprised everyone by casually completing both courses in the lowest number of strokes, despite assuring everyone he wasn’t any good. Hmm.

Special thanks are in order to Ally for having the bright idea to arrange the night, and for managing it well on the day, making sure everyone was sorted for transport.